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Disk SpeedUp

Defragment and optimize your system with this free tool
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When we install and uninstall programs or create, modify, and delete files, our hard drive and portable devices tend to get fragmented when pieces of various files and programs are stored in different places. This causes the system to run slower.

This free program lets you defragment your hard disk or other devices in an easy and fast manner. You only need to select the drive you want to fix, and click on the Defrag button. Also, you can ask the program to perform an analysis to determine whether the drive needs to be repaired or not.

The program also has the Defrag and Optimize function that goes deeper into the file system. This function is time- and resource-consuming, so you may want to use it only every once in a while.

An advantage of this program, compared with Windows' own defragmenter, is the possibility of fixing single folders or files. Also, you can set the program to defragment your hard drive automatically when the system is idle during 5 minutes, or every time you boot the system.

The program creates a report that shows the fragmentation index, the amount of files in your system, and other useful data.

All in all, it is a good defragmenting and optimizing program that can be used instead of Windows' default option.

Victor Hernandez
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